Saturday, October 16, 2010

Silent is good

sometimes,i choose to not talking too much
keep quiet
is a good thing

silent is good,
sometimes make you look more,think more and smell more!

thinking back some stuff couple month ago,
it's make me grow,it's make me sick also.
i hate faker
and yet ppl surround me some of them are really really fake
but they dont know they are fake!hahah

it's all right,just be myself.
and recently,
i have learn some lesson,and learn to change!!
fuck fuck fuck (sorry give me to be rude sekejap lah)
-be selfish
-becareful with those 'roses' friend!
-not to be a good person anymore.

it's really make u hurt,sad,angry,dissapointed
if i keep to be good!

Anyway,you treat me good,ppl will treat u good too.
but for those ASSHOLE,just ignore..

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